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Hello and welcome to Mummy Of Four! I am Rhi, Mummy to Dylan (13), William (6), Bella (3) & Zara (1). I help busy Mums & Dads make parenting easier with tips, tricks, reviews and hacks.



Parenting is a wonderful, chaotic, hectic, traumatic, difficult, exhausting yet amazing experience. I often think, “If only I’d known everything I know now when I had my first baby, how easy would my life have been?”.



So I started the blog. If can pass on anything at all that I have picked up along the way and it helps anyone at all and makes even a little difference to their lives, then it will be worth while.



For years now, people have come to me and asked for tips about parenting issues or which baby products I would recommend or avoid. I would often compose emails to friends filled with links to buy things, articles or other suggested reading. Well now, I aim to give you, the reader, the same chatting, advice, tips and tricks that I have always given my friends.


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