To My Beautiful Bella On Your 3rd Birthday

To My beautiful Bella,

Today you turn 3, how on earth did that happen? It seems like only yesterday that I was sitting there, pregnant on Christmas Day with my legs crossed, determined that you would not be born for another few days so that you could have your “own day” as a birthday. I hated the idea of you having to share your day with anything that might over shadow you.

Little did I know, back then when you were just a bump, that nothing could every over shadow you. My darling girl, you are a force of nature. You light up every room you walk into and captivate everyone that you meet. You never fail to make me smile with your wicked sense of humour and infectious giggle.

This year you stopped being the youngest of the family and became a big sister. You are such a lovely sister to Zara and she adores you. I am so proud of the way that you have adjusted to becoming a big sister. know that there have been times when your behaviour has seemed to regress since Zara was born, times where you have cried out for more attention. There have been times where, as your sister has become more mobile, you have thrown a tantrum or a strop. You are so amazingly grown up, so mature and so wise beyond your years, that it has thrown me a little in these moments where you have done nothing more than behaved like a 2 year old. I think, sometimes, I expect too much from you.

I have loved every bit of having you home with me. You are such wonderful company and such a genuine pleasure to be around. I just cannot believe that in just a few short days you will start school. Although you are so excited for this new adventure, it breaks my heart a little. You might be ready, heck, you were born ready, but I am not quite there yet. It’s all too fast for me. My big girl is getting far too big too quickly. It seems like only a moment ago that you were a little baby like Zara and things like sending you to school seemed a million years away. Now here we are and I feel like I’m scared to blink for fear that many more years will speed by.

You are such wonderful company and I will miss you terribly when you are in school. So will Zara. There will still be time for us together, but it saddens me that I have to let you go even for a few hours. Still, I know it is what is best for you, so will send you in with a smile.

So happy birthday my darling, beautiful Bella. I love you and am more proud of you than you can know.

Lots of love,

Mummy x

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