10 Memes That Best Describe Parenting

Once you become a parent, you begin to realise that your life is not your own, but run by a tiny army of your own creation. You can cry about it, or laugh along with the funniest parents on the internet, who have created these memes to prove that you are not alone. 

1. This is a pretty good introduction to parenting

2. Parenting is not always as we thought it would be.

3. Your children will not always cooperate.

4. Your children will challenge you.

5. And each other

6. You will have to learn to let a lot of it go over your head.

7. You will have to get used to the fact that you will never again have a perfectly tidy house.

8. No matter how hard you try.

9. The good news is that you’ll probably be too tired to care.

10. But you will love your tiny humans so much that you won’t really mind any of it.

This blog post was written as part of #BLOGTOBER17 . Each day there is a specific prompt laid out on the Hex Mum Blog and bloggers all over the world are writing their own particular take on the subject. Today is #DAY16  and the prompt is #QUOTES

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