Resources That I Have Used To Get My Blog To Over 11,000 Monthly Page Views In Just 7 months

If you are a blogger, you probably already know that it’s far more demanding than most people realise. The amount of work that needs to go into creating, optimising and promoting content is quite extensive, as the bloggers who contributed to my Things That Bloggers Wish People Knew post will testify. Still, the right equipment, hardware and software and the best productivity essentials make the whole process one heck of a lot easier. As those of you who follow me will know, I’m quite obsessed with getting organised and having the right tool for the right job to make life easier.


In the 7 months since I started my blog, my monthly page views have gone from zero to over 11,000. I would attribute much of this success to having the right tools, training and systems in place. I’m going to share with you things that I use from my blogging business to help me get the job done.


(By the way, this post is jammed full of affiliate links – just FYI)

Hardware / Equipment

MacBook Pro 15″

One thing that you will definitely need as a blogger is something to blog on. Until very recently I was making do with our nearly 10 -year-old MacBook Pro, which in computer terms was prehistoric. The people in the Apple shop were amazed that it still turned on. As my blog has become my business it became  apparent that I could no longer make do with the computer so old that I felt like I was using dial-up. I invested in a shiny new MacBook Pro (more specifically an Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display 15-inch Laptop (Intel Core i7 2.2 GHz, 16 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, Intel Iris, OS Sierra) – Silver – 2015 – MJLQ2B/A – UK Keyboard ) and I love it.

Tempting as it was to go for the model with the touch bar (especially for a gadget girl geek girl like me) I decided instead to spend the extra money on the larger 15 inch rather than 13 inch screen. As a blogger, I do a lot of work with design and editing using side-by-side windows, so the larger screen is really beneficial.


MacBook Accessories

In order to keep my shiny new MacBook to keep it scratch free, I bought a MOSISO Plastic Hard Shell Snap On Case Cover, which protects is but doesn’t get in the way.  I also invested in a laptop sleeve and a tempered glass screen protector to protect the screen from any mishaps. Although totally nonessential tobogganing, I love that my MacBook unlocks with my Apple Watch. (Yes, as I mentioned, I am indeed a closeted tech geek).



iPad Pro 256GB – Rose Gold


Before having my before purchasing my new MacBook I was also using my iPad through complete with Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil for lots of my blogging. The iPad & Apple Pencil are just amazing for lots of things, such as photo editing. However, some things in the blogging world the iPad just can’t do. For example Canva (see below) cab only be used via the the app on the iPad, and for full functionality you need to log onto a computer. I still use my iPad loads, especially for quick check ins updates and social media, that for really building the back end of my site and doing detailed design work it’s back to my Mac.

The specifics : I have with the iPad Pro 256 gb in Rose Gold. The accessories that I use include the Apple Pencil, the Smart Keyboard, a clear protective back cover and a glass screen protector.




iPhone 7 256 GB – Rose Gold



I use my iPhone for so much when it comes to blogging. I use it to take most of my photographs as it is always in my pocket and the camera is pretty good. When I’m out and about I use it for engaging with social media, keeping up with emails and staying on top of my reminders to dos and ideas. I have a tempered glass screen protector on my phone to protect it from the bumps and bruises of Mummy life.


Diva Ring


Although the iPhone camera is fantastic in daylight, it really falls down intima light setting. This is where the Diva Ring comes in. This an amazing and very affordable little gadget clips on your phone or iPad and provides fantastic close-up fighting thought of your photographing.

I would love a bigger, free standing Diva Ring for filming my YouTube and Facebook Live videos, it’s definitely on my wish list.





I have a full size tripod that I use for taking photographs and recording video. I also use a small tripod that has bendy legs that can wrap around things such as the steering wheel for filming in the car. (Only when parked, obviously).



Canon EOS 1100D

Although my iPhone camera is fantastic and super handy as it’s always on me taking photographs of the children, Home taking specific photographs for a blog post the Canon EOS 1100D was a birthday present for Daddy Of Four some years ago and has barely left the bag since he had it. Although it is more hassle to use than my iPhone, the photographs are are much higher quality.



Which camera upgrade is on my wish list? It’s got to be the go to vlogging camera, the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Digital Camera.




Blog Stuff



When I started blogging in October 2017, I was on To maximise the functionality of my blog I went self hosted and moved to in November 2017. This simply means that I have a lot more functionality available to me, such as plugins and widgets (like apps for your blog). Keep reading to find out my favourite add ons.


TSO Host

Since going self hosted in November 2017, my blog is hosted with TS0 host. They have given me a discount code which will give anyone else signing up to TSO 10% off their hosting.

Code : MummyOfFourTSO


X Theme

I purchased the wildly popular an extremely versatile X Theme for my blog at the beginning of the 2018. Although I have yet to make the most of all the features that theme has to offer, I’m pleased that I have the capability to now do whatever I need to do with my blog with this incredibly adaptable theme. Get your copy of X Theme here.



Are utilising number of plug-ins on my blog, some of my favourites being;

  • WP Editorial Calendar
  • Who Stole The Justify Button
  • Amazon Associate Link Builder
  • Cookie Notice by D Factory


Email Marketing


I recently moved from Mail chimp to MailerLite as my email marketing provider. Mailerlite is free to use when you have less than 1000 subscribers. I use this to allow readers to opt in to my email list, to create email marketing campaigns, send emails to various segments and track the results efficiently. I find Mailerlite’s funnelling capabilities and functionality fantastic and would definitely recommend them.


Social Media Scheduling



I use buffer to schedule my Facebook Twitter and Instagram social media update. I have the app on my phone and iPad plus the browser extension on my Mac. It makes sharing content, both my own and from others bloggers, really easy across all of my platforms.



Hiplay is an additional piece of software that I use to create a bank of evergreen content to fill my Buffer queue.




My Pinterest account is doing very well and Pinterest is currently my main source of traffic. This is largely thanks to Tailwind, which I use to schedule all of my Pinterest pins. Since utilising Pinterest and tailwind I have seen a massive search in the traffic to my blog. If you fancy giving Tailwind a go, using this link will get you a trial period plus $15 discount should you decide to sign up.




Can there is an amazing piece of online software that is free to use the computer graphics really easy. Can play many template for graphics in all the sizes the various social media platforms. You can choose to use the free software or upgrade to Canvas For Work which has a lot more functionality and the ability to store your custom logo branding for ease-of-use. I also have the Canva App on my iPhone and iPad in case I need to create custom graphics on the go.



I use iMovie on my MacBook and iPad for editing video primarily for YouTube. I movie comes preloaded with most Apple devices and has pretty good functionality, but I am open to any suggestions for a more comprehensive video editing suite.



LumaFusion is a brilliant app for editing video on your iPhone and iPad. It works especially well with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Download your copy of LumaFusion here




I’ve been using Evernote for years, since long before I started blogging. I use Evernote for absolutely everything. It’s basically a series of online notebooks in which you can store everything that you need. You can forward emails to it so that you can easily find them in future. You can store receipts, letters photos, anything you might need to refer to. I have the Evernote toolbar in my browser and also app on my iPad and iPhone you can download the apps. Evernote is free to use that you can upgrade for further functionality. Download the Evernote app here.



I have recently discovered a table which was described to me by Aby Moore who introduced it to me as “if databases and spreadsheets had babies, those babies would be Airtable”. I love it. Are not only is it super pretty (which is really important, obviously) but its functionalities are blogging is just awesome. I use it the content planning, swipe files, plus storing important information such as HEX codes. Download the AirTable app here.



Omnifocus is another productivity app that I will rely on heavily for planning which I have on my MacBook as well as on my iPad & iPhone. You can download it here.


Google Calendars

My final top productivity must have a blogging (and indeed for life) is calendars. I use Google Calendars for not only planning out my work schedule for the blog, but also time blocking tasks such as outlining drafting and editing posts, brand work and time for working with my social media clients. I also use it for blocking out everything I need my home life from school runs, to house work to extracurricular activities and doctors appointments. You can read more about how I use Google calendars to organise my life in my Make Your Life Easier With Calendars post.


Training & Support


Aby Moore – The Mamapreneur Revolution

The fabulous Aby Moore is the Tots 100 Number 1 Parenting Blogger, author, coach and general rock star who leads the Mamapreneur Revolution. I was lucky enough to come across Aby’s blog just before Christmas in 2017 and she has totally changed the way I go about my blogging. Aby helps Mum bloggers turn their blogs into a business through courses, a membership community, blog critiques and free training delivered via Facebook. If you are serious about blogging, seek this woman out, and the sooner the better. It’s thanks to Aby that just 7 months in my blog is doing so well. I am able to help other Mums who are going through parenting struggles, earn money and stay home to look after my four children – what could be better than that? If you want Aby to help you do the same, check out her blog –



Kelly Kemp – KK VA Services



The wonderful Kelly Kemp is not only a blogging pro, but an amazing VA. You know when there’s that piece of CSS code that you need to make a parallax work? No? Nor me. I’ve been building websites since 2002 (gosh, that makes me feel old), but there are still some coding puzzles that are beyond me. Kelly has come to my rescue on more than one occasion and is an absolute legend.

So if you need help with website design, graphic design, or any other blogmin for that matter, Kelly is your girl. You can find Kelly at



Kim Scotland – The Blog Genie

Being a blogger means that there is a whole load of next level back end tech stuff that you need to do. If I’m honest, this bit of blogging bores my brains out, which is probably why I am less than brilliant at it. So when my site’s security certificate expired (in layman’s terms, it was broken and it wouldn’t let anyone on it), the wonderful Kim came to my rescue.

I am telling you now, save this lady’s details, you will be so glad of her when your site inevitably breaks at some point. doing those fiddly but essential jobs on your blog.

Kim is excellent for doing those fiddly but essential jobs on your blog. From setting up Google Analytics, to transferring your site to a new host – she can do it all (even moving from Wix to WordPress). Kim offers two main packages – a site speed audit (which I have had) and switching your blog to a new host package. Check out her site


Aleena Brown  – The Blog VA

GDPR – 4 letters that I am SO sick of. I am compliant now, but only thanks to the hand holding from the wonderful Aleena who provided me with everything that I needed to know to make not just my mailing list, but my actual blog GDPR ready.

If you thought that GDPR didn’t apply to you, sadly you are wrong. Sorry. Before you start to hyperventilate, message Aleena, she’ll get you sorted. For help with GDPR and all manner of other VA services, find Aleena at


Jade Karly Staff – The Blog Assistant

Jade has been an absolute rock, helping me our with so many issues that I have come across since starting blogging. Jade is also a VA and her speciality is getting fellow bloggers to master Pinterest. Head over to get site to access her free Pinterest challenge –


So those are my main resources that I use for blogging.

Have I missed anything out, is there a piece of hardware or software that I could using to make my blogging life easier? I have total FOMO and shiny object syndrome when it comes to all thing blogging,  so please let me know your recommendations in the comments.


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