3 Things That People Want To Know About Blogging

If you are a blogger, you will be familiar with the fact that most of the people that you know “in real life” quite simply do not get what you do. I have put together some of the most common questions that non bloggers ask and the answers that bloggers wish that they knew. I have also asked some fabulous bloggers to tell me the most annoying things that non bloggers think and say, so keep reading to find out what they said.

So if you are not familiar with why us bloggers do what we do, read on for all of the answers.


Here Are Some Questions That All Bloggers Get Asked


People Ask : Why Do You Blog?

People always want to know why people bother blogging, the answers can be varied, but include;


Blogging To Create A Memory Book

Some bloggers start blogs purely as an online memory or scrap book to share with friends or family to enjoy and look back on.


Nicky from Spinnin’ Plates

I started blogging because I got totally burned out working f/t, looking after my home and family and pressures of trying to be everything to everyone. Yet it was impossible to it all and I came last on the list. I gave up my job, took a few months to recover from near breakdown, then found blogging. I wanted to help busy mums, create a calm, organised life, to enjoy quality time with their family. All my family and friends are incredibly supportive and they admit they don’t get it (blogging), but all are willing to try to understand!

Blogging To Share Experiences

Lots of people blog to share experiences, to connect with other people online and to share the experiences of their lives.


Victoria from Starlight & Stories

I started blogging after a night of frantic googling and not finding any answers about my son and his then feeding and movement difficulties. I didn’t want any parent in the future not to feel like no one understand. Now I blog for similar reasons – to ensure parents have the help and support they need but focus on Autism as that’s where my expertise is.

Blogging To Share Information

This is one of the reasons that I started blogging. So often since becoming a mother, friends have asked me for information about various parenting issues, from breastfeeding, to cloth nappies, to help with issues such as sleep or even product recommendations. Each time I would collect all of the information for them and email them links to everything that they needed to know. One day I thought, “Do you know what? Rather than gathering and rewriting all of this information each time someone asked for it, I thought that I would publish it online for not just my friends, but for any Mum that might need it.

Blogging As A Business

Whether it is why they initially started blogging or not, many bloggers now make some or all of their income from their blogs. “How on earth do you make money from a blog” I hear you non bloggers cry! Keep reading, I’ll explain.


Marylin from SoftThistle.net

I started blogging mostly by accident! It’s brought amazing people into my life – friends and support that was exactly what I needed when the boys were little and I was stuck in a new place as a single mum unable to get out much.

I still blog for the same reasons – and most of all because I love to write. I’m not the sort to stick at something for long, so ten years later it’s definitely not a whim and is something I genuinely enjoy doing. And to be able to earn a living with it? It’s the dream!


People Ask : How Can You Make Money Out Of Blogging?

This is something that non bloggers are often very confused about. How on earth can you make money from blogging? The answer, in fact, is that there are a number of ways to turn blogging into bucks.


Affiliate Links

What is an affiliate link, I hear you say. An affiliate link is where a blogger is paid a small commission for any sales that the blogger refers. The arrangement could be CPC (cost per click), or CPA (cost per action, the action often being a being a sale). Bloggers will form affiliate links with companies that sell products or services in their niche. For example, as a parenting blogger, I have affiliate links with Amazon, John Lewis and many other places were I purchase things for my own family, things that I would like to recommend to my audience.

The you click on the link, “cookies” (no, not the kind you can eat) will tell the company where the sale came from and award commission accordingly. Other ways of tracking affiliate referrals might include the use of discount codes, with all sales using that given code generating commission.


Sponsored Posts

Brand collaborations, or sponsored posts are where bloggers are paid by brands to promote their products or services. This could be in the form of a review, an informative post, a giveaway, social media sharing, a video, a Facebook live, or one of many more ways in which bloggers communicate with their audience. With more and more of the population getting online and turning to social media and influencers for their information, brands are quickly releasing that collaborating with bloggers that people know, like and trust, is a fantastic way to speak to their potential customers.


Own Products

Bloggers own products can be in the form of digital products, such as;


Social Media Management For Businesses

Bloggers are immersed in the world of social media and have to keep with the latest tends in social media marketing in order to make their own businesses thrive. It is not surprising that many bloggers are ideally qualified to help other businesses, either online or bricks and mortar, to maximise their online presence and speak to their target customers through social media marketing. This is something that I have done for a number of businesses over the years and is something that can be incredibly rewarding. If you have a small business and you would like to know more about getting some help and advice with your social media, please visit my Work With Me page.


People Ask : How Can I Help You With Your Blog?

So many friends, family, readers and fans are often really keen to support and help their favourite blogger but don’t know how. Here are some ways to show your blogger some love.



Reading blog posts is a fantastic way to help bloggers. It means that the content that they are putting out into the world is being absorbed, the ultimate goal for any writer. Visiting a blog will count towards it’s visitor statistics. The more pages a visitor visits, the better the page view statistics. The longer a reader stays on the page the better. All of this is helpful to your friend, the blog writer.



Reading blog posts is great, it really is, but if you like what you read, why not take it to the next level? Literally, “like” it. Like it on the blog itself, on Facebook, on Twitter, on any social media platform. Like / follow the main page, but also “like” the individual post. More times than I can tell you, people have talked to mer and said “I just love reading your blog”. More often than not, I had no idea that they had ever visited.

While I am always grateful that they have read, many of them wanted to support me and had no idea that with the simple push of the “like” button, they could have helped so much more. Not only would “liking” my post show me that they had enjoyed it, but it would help with the “SEO” and “algorithms” too. It basically means that, the more Google / Facebook etc see that other people “like:” things, the more they do too. They believe that the more people interact with a post / website etc, the more relevant it is and the more people that they show it to.



Leaving a comment is a gift to a blogger. One level up from a like (although a like is still appreciated), a comment shows that you have really read and engaged with the content. You know who else notices a comment? Google and Facebook. They think “Hey, if people comment on this, it must be relevant. Let’s show it to event more people”. Yay!


Now people, sharing really is caring. By sharing a post via email or social media, you are endorsing it to your contacts and recommending they read what the blogger has written. There is no higher praise that a blogger can receive.


Invite Friends To Like

If you have friends that may be interested in the content that the blogger is producing, then why not invite them to like the Facebook page? Your blogging buddy will be eternally grateful.



If you are buying a product that a blogger has mentioned or recommended in a post, purchasing through their affiliate link is a nice way to say “thank you” for the recommendation.

So What Are The Most Irritating Misconceptions About Blogging?

I asked some bloggers which are the most irritating things that people think about what they do. Here’s the they said;


Jade from Mummies Waiting

People think that we don’t have to put any money or effort in to get something in return. When reality, we left a 9-5 job to work every hour under the sun and put money into our business just so we can stay at home!




Lauren from Inspire Educate Create

My stepfather was stunned that people pay me to write, because writing isn’t a “real job”, it’s easy and anybody can do it… coming from a man who asked me to write his CV for him!




Clare from MeMyBlogAndYou.com

So many non bloggers don’t even get how we get paid and think we write for fun of it. That is the impression I am getting when I tell people I am a blogger. They always say how do you live if all get is free products? then when tell them I get paid they like wow, really?



Su from EthanNEyelyn.com

Non bloggers seem to think it’s an easy job = easy money. So not true!




Candace from BucketsOfTea.co.uk

People think that we only work a few hours a day when in fact in order to promote your blog you need to be on social media interacting every day of the week and morning, noon and night.




Nisha from An Accountant & A Mum

My husband still says, ‘oh are you going London for that blogging thing or work?’ implying blogging is not work! Even though I’ve had a few job offers because of my blog!
Other times I get asked why don’t you spend quality time with the family instead of ‘playing’ on your blog all the time… which is half true sometimes – not the playing part but spending time with family.



Aby from You Baby Me Mummy 

People think that bloggers have lots of “free” stuff, but it’s not free! It is only ever free if you are given something and nothing at all is expected in return. If you are asked to write about it, take a photo, a video, Tweet it or share in any way online, it is not free. You either pay with your time or your money, so these so called “free” things are usually paid for with a lot of time. 


Do you write a blog? What do people always ask you? What do you wish that non bloggers knew about blogging?

Are you new to the blogging world? What have you always wanted to know about blogging?

If you are a blogger, please feel free to send this to anyone in your life that just doesn’t get it, (so that will be most people that you know then).


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  1. I am just starting out as a blogger to help support fellow teachers and to support my (already a side-biz!) selling of curriculum I write, and it is crazy how much goes into it! Thank you for this article, it is nice to see it written down. I may need to send it to my hubs….

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