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Hi, I’m Rhi, Mummy Of Four - I am the Mum behind the blog.

I help busy parents get organised and make their lives easier, with all of the parenting hacks, shortcuts and recommendations that I wish I had been given when I became a Mum.

My 4 children are Dylan (14), William (6), Bella (4) & Zara (1). You can read more about me and more all about the children in my About page.

Having 4 children has given me the opportunity to gain a wealth of knowledge & experience about common parenting issues such as breastfeeding, sleep problems, weaning and many more. I also have experience with helping children through their additional needs, such as speech and language difficulties and ASD.

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I have an audience of Mums who come to the blog for help and recommendations to make their lives easier.


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Collaborating with Mummy Of Four is a great way to reach your ideal customer.

Why Am I Uniquely Qualified To Help Your Brand?

  • Making Lives Easier For Mums

    As a Mum of many, I have a keen interest in making parent’s lives run as smoothly as possible. This means that my audience look to me to recommend the right product or service for a specific need, as well as advice, tips and information that will help in their day to day lives.

  • Sales & Marketing Experience

    My honours degree in business studies and background in marketing means that I understand how best to convey messages from brands to my readers.

  • Trusted By Mums

    I speak to my readers and followers the way I would speak to my friends. I recommend products and services that I really believe in , so my audience trusts the information that I give them.

  • Multi Media Options

    Not only do I write blog post that my audience respond to, I also communicate with the with photos and vides too.

  • Keeping It Real

    I get lots of feedback about how much my followers love my very “real” style, especially when it comes to my live videos and Instagram stories.








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Promotional packages that I can offer....

I Can Offer…

By collaborating with my on a sponsored blog post, your brand can reach your target audience in a far more personal way than any traditional form of advertising could allow.

Take a look as some of these examples of sponsored posts;

Cheeky Wipes Campaign

Easy Tots Campaign

Little Party Parcels Campaign

Social Media Management

Do you know that you need to be making more of social media opportunities in your business, but just don't know where to start? Or maybe don't have the time?

I can help with....

  • Social Media Set Up & Training

    I can make sure that your social media accounts are set up correctly, then show you how to post engaging content going forward.

  • Social Media Management

    I can manage your social media accounts to ensure that you are maximising reach and really speaking to your ideal customers. Not only will you benefit from having your social media then care of by someone with extensive experience with social media marketing, but it will free up more of your precious time to move your business forward.

  • Freelance Writing

    Need copy for your website, blog or marketing materials? I can help you out with that too.

Get in touch to find out how I can help with one of my social media management packages. I am able to offer;