Amazing Advent Calendars For Kids Christmas 2017

When I was little, advent calendars were nothing more than bad tasting tiny chocolates. Advent calendars have upped their game. Here are some of the most sought after advent calendars for children this Christmas.

LEGO Star Wars : The LastJedi Advent Calendar

My 2 boys have had these Lego advent calendars for a few years and have LOVED them. You get a tiny little set to build each day. They weren’t allowed to open their calendars until they were ready for school each morning and I have never seen them get ready so quickly. I only wish that they made them for every day of the year. They are not cheap, but they played with all of the LEGO so much even after December, I feel that they were still good value.

Play-Doh Advent Calendar

A different coloured pot of fun to play with every day? What could be more fun than that?

Despicable Me Minions Advent Calendar

We haven’t had this particular calendar before, but we have had other Minions Mega Blocks sets. The blocks look a lot like genuine LEGO and are a compatible size.

Paw Patrol Advent Calendar

Both my boys and girls are obsessed with Paw Patrol, so I’m sure a a new Pup, or Pup accessory every morning would be incredibly popular.

So those are some of my top picks for special advent calendars for your little one this December. Have you bought your child one of these advent calendars this year? Or a different one? Which one would you recommend?


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  1. We had the Playmobil pirate one a few years back. My son had received the pirate ship as a gift, so all the wee pieces were brilliant additions to this set. We still have everything and now my girls play with it too.

  2. So agree with your opening,I remember those rubbish chocolate one,I have decided to say to chocolate ones with my girls this year. Maybe next year we may try better ones next year.

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