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I am Rhi, the Mummy behind the Mummy of Four blog and here are 10 random facts about moi;

1. My name is Rhiannan, but everyone calls me Rhi. Yes that’s Rhiann-A-n not the usual Rhiann-O-n, so I have to explain the spelling to everyone who may ever need to write it down. Such fun.

2. I live at home with my husband and my 4 wonderful children, Dylan (age 13) William (age 6), Bella (age 3) and Zara (age 1).

3. I LOVE chocolate and would eat it in place of any other food if I could get away with it. Also wine. I love wine. I don’t see the point in consuming empty calories from liquids – unless that liquid is wine.

4. I have a Business Studies degree specialising in marketing. I earned my degree before I gave birth to my children and my brain turned to mush.

5. I am also a qualified fitness instructor. I used to teach dance based fitness classes to both children and adults and I loved it.  I haven’t taught any classes since baby number 2 was small (a time & childcare issue really), when I taught a Mum & baby fitness class called “Mumba”.

6. I am a bit of a closeted tech geek. I actually watch the Apple Conferences live when they are broadcast. People bring me their iPhones to fix when they go wrong.

7. I like everything in my life to be organised, it helps me feel like I have some sort of control. With 4 children, its really the only way to get through the day. Often things fall into a state of chaos, which prompts me to reassess how I’m doing everything & sort out our lives. I find this very cleansing and it always feels great to be back in the driver’s seat.

8. I am addicted to beautiful children’s clothes. I adore dressing my little ones in gorgeous things and never ever feel guilty spending money on their clothing. I always, however, feel guilty buying anything at all for myself.

9. I am a bit obsessed with taking photos. As I am writing this, I currently have 38,883 photos on my phone. I think that while I’m there snapping away, people might think its a bit of a pain. My husband is always rolling his eyes at me as I constantly attempt to capture our lives. I honestly believe it’s worth it though. The whole family, my husband included, love looking through the photos, which we have displayed randomly on a screen in our living room.

10. I am slightly concerned that life is flying by too quickly. It seems that the more children I have, the quicker the years are flying by. I am desperately trying to remember to stop and take it all in whenever I can. I think it might be why I’m obsessed with photographs (see number nine). I think that perhaps if I can capture some of these moments, then they will not be gone forever.

So that’s me, or at least a little bit about me anyway.

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  1. Aawww I love this one!!! I have 4 kids too though mine are a bit older , you definitely sound more organised than me though , I do keep trying!!! Look forward to reading your other Blogtober posts! I’m amazed I’ve managed to get to day 2!! #Blogtober17

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      Thanks Daydreamer Mum! I’ve tried to click on your profile and it says you have deleted your site?? Have I clicked the wrong place or do you have another link I could follow? I’d love to read your #blogtober posts too x

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