15 Ways To Use A Muslin – Parenting Hacks That You Need For Your Baby

As a Mum, I am always looking for hacks and products to make my life easier. For babies and young children, there is one basic item that I would not be without – the simple muslin square.

Read on to find out 15 ways that these simple muslin cloths will make your life with your baby easier.

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1. A Burp Cloth

Muslins are affectionately known in our house as “sick cloths”. Rumour has it that some babies don’t throw up at all. Each and every one of my four babies, however, were prolific stickers. It never seemed to bother them, and they all gained weight well. Still, all day every day they would each be sick multiple times.

Muslin cloths were an absolute must for me, or anyone ever wanted to hold any of my babies for that matter. I would use them for covering my shoulder while burping them and would always have one within arm’s reach for mopping up surprise sick.  So if you’re due to have a baby I suggest stocking up. The good news is that if your baby is not a serial sicker, then there are so many other uses for these awesome little cloths.

2. A Nursing Cover

As I discussed in my post all about adapting your existing wardrobe to make breastfeeding friendly, muslin cloth can make a great little nursing cover. I’m not the kind of person that thinks that breastfeeding Mums should hide away, nor am I a big fan of just feeling like I have my boobs or tummy on display either. By taking a muslin cloth into either side of your bra strap, you can cover just enough of your flesh while wearing a top such as a vest top not to feel like you’ve stripped off entirely.


3. A Summer Blanket

No matter warm it is, I don’t think I could fall asleep without some form of blanket or sheet over me. I think most babies are the same. Muslin cloths can sometimes be just enough other blanket to put over your baby during the summer months while they’re in the pram to feel like they’re covered with out over heating.

4. A Swaddle

Large muslin cloths can make an excellent lightweight swaddle your newborn baby. Lots of newborns respond well to being swaddled as it makes them feel nice and secure. It is important of course to make sure that your baby does not overheat so check out the guidelines for safe sleeping.

5. A Summer Pram Shade

During the summer months, it is important to keep your baby nice and cool while out and about. Covering your baby’s pram with a normal blanket is a big no-no, as research has shown that this can cause your baby to overheat very quickly and put them at risk of SIDs. Lightweight and breathable thin muslin can be a good option to create shade without warming up the area inside your babies pram too match.

6. A Tummy Time Blanket

Muslin cloths can make a lovely tummy time blanket for your baby. Not only does it mean that you will not have two put your baby directly on the floor that you may feel is less than clean, but it also means that any sick and dribble that your baby produces during tummy time will be easy to easier to clean up off the muslin than if they were sick on the carpet.

7. A Changing Mat Cover

Baby changing mats are generally, being wipe clean in nature, rather cold. Rather than pasting your little baby’s bare bottom on the freezing cold changing mat directly, using the muslin cloth as changing mat cover can help you happier. If your baby does decide to wee with their nappy off, the muslin cloth is super easy to stick in the washing machine to clean. The muslin is also likely to absorb the wee rather than allow it to run into your baby clothing (or yours for that matter).

8. A Comforter

Lots of babies are very fond of muslin cloths for snuggling for comfort.

9. A Bib

By folding muslin square in half to make a triangle you can use it as a simple bib. This can be handy to catch dribble or sick, or even to cover your child’s clothes once they start eating solid food.

10. A Newborn Nappy

As you may have noticed as you may know from reading my other blog posts, I have had my children in cloth nappies since 2013 when my second son was one year old. The most effective nappy for a tiny newborn baby I found is a muslin square combined with the nappy wrap cover nappy nipper and liner. This saves having to buy very tiny nappies the first stage of your babies life, and all of the parts are used in different ways as they grow. Look out for my cloth nappy series of posts coming very soon.

11. A Draw Sheet

I draw sheet is a thin topsheet that goes over the full sheet in your baby’s cot under their head. By tucking a muslin tightly over there under the edges of the cot this absorbent cloth will catch the worst of any dribble or sick that your baby produces while in bed. I cannot tell you how many times this is save me having to change the whole bed. Without using a muslin as a draw sheet, I would have had to change my sicky babies full bedsheets numerous times every single day.

12. A Face Cloth

I don’t think a muslin square you can use it has a handy cloth for wiping things up. I am a huge fan of cheeky wipes cloth wipes as my main solution for wiping at sticky messes, that have on occasion use the damp muslin for wiping hands faces bottoms and other messes.

13. A Game

Muslin squares make excellent “Peek-A-Boo” accessories. As babies develop, they will begin to play peekaboo themselves, plus start to pull the muslin away from your face to find you too.

14. A Handkerchief

When my babies have had colds, I find that muslins are kinder to their little noses than tissues which can make the skin around their nostrils sore with constant wiping.

15. A Dress

Yes, I have in fact used a muslin cloth as a dress. Although it is not something I would make a habit of, it’s certainly got me out of a rather sticky situation one day.

On the day question, my daughter managed to do an absolutely explosive poo (she had been saving of several days) that I had to change in the boot of the car. While the cloth nappies that I use normally far better at containing poop and the disposable alternatives, I don’t think that vacuum sealing would have contained this level of baby poop. It was an especially hot day and when I reached for my spare outfit for her in the car. Not only was it a winter outfit that would have boiled in it, but she had also grown out of it.

I managed to fashion a sort of dress out of the pink muslin squares that had my changing bag which did the trick until we got home. So while her bizarre baby toga look would not would not be my first choice of outfit for her, it certainly worked for that emergency situation.

Have I missed any?

Those were 15 ways to use a muslin square for your baby, have I missed any? There must be some other ways that you mums have found to use these amazing multipurpose cloths. Please let me know in the comments or get in touch via social media to let me know how else muslin squares can be used.

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Which Baby Is Which?

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