Mummy Of Four’s Cloth Nappy Series – A Complete Guide To Reusable Nappies

Are you having a baby and interested in more information about cloth nappies? Maybe you have a baby already and are curious about the benefits of using real nappies? Perhaps you like the idea, but don’t know where to start with all the types of nappy, washing, fitting or storing the nappies? Or you just think it sounds like a lot of work? Fear not! You have come to the right place to answer all of your questions, plus show you how cloth bum your baby the easy way.




Welcome to Mummy Of Four’s Cloth Nappy Series!

I have put together a series of resources to help parents who are interesting in using real nappies. Click on the links below for tips and information to make your cloth journey go smoothly. Pop your email address in the “email sign up” box to receive updates when more posts are published.


Click on the links below to visit the posts;


An Overview Of Cloth Nappies – Start Here

Types Of Cloth Nappies – Choosing What Will Work For You

Cloth Nappy Accessory Starter Kit

Cloth Baby Wipes

Liners, Boosters & Inserts Explained

Storing, Washing & Drying Cloth Nappies

Cloth Nappy Troubleshooting

Packing A Changing Bag For Using Cloth Nappies Out & About




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  1. is washing cloth nappies gross? Do you put dirty nappies straight in the washing machine or do you have to rinse them first?
    Is it a lot of work?!

    1. Post

      Hi Sian! In short, it’s a lot easier and less icky than people realise. I have had babies in cloth nappies since discovering them in early 2013 and haven’t bought a single disposable since. I have a complete post coming up all about exactly what you need to do to wash them, so I will make sure that I answer all of your questions in full then xx

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