Bella Reviews Her New School Bag From The Disney Store

Bella, my eldest daughter, is so desperate to grow up. She sees her brothers go in to school and just cannot wait to go too. This term, the school have started a playgroup in the nursery classroom for the children due to start in the school.

Parents and children attend together and explore the room, engaging in various activities, just as they would when they start school. They are given time in the nursery garden to play on slides and scooters, then inside for snack time.

It really is a lovely way to prepare the children for when they start for real. Not that Bella needs much preparation, she was born ready. Bella loves going in with her new school bag and hanging it on her peg, just like she will when she starts going every day in January.

So here she is, 2 going on 22, reviewing her new school bag from the Disney Store. It’s bigger than she is, but it features Anna & Elsa from Frozen and has her name embroidered on it, so she is very pleased with it.

If your day isn’t going as planned, this should make you smile. Enjoy.

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