Easy Elf On The Shelf Ideas

Elf On The Shelf – the “Christmas Tradition” that has parents up and down the country saying “Oh sh*t, what are we going to do with the blinking elf today?” Fear not! I have put together a strategy to take the stress out of your elf mischief this December.

Step 1

Download and print my Elf On The Shelf Mischief Planner, plus printable behaviour charts and letters from the Elf below.

Step 2

Fill out all of the relevant dates that you have coming up during December onto the planner (e.g. Christmas jumper day, a visit to Santa’s Grotto, school concert etc). These special days, the Elf can leave your children a message and leave them things relevant to their day.

So on National Christmas jumper day, the Elf leaves their jumpers out for them to wear. The day you go to visit Santa, your elf leaves a note saying “Yippee! We’re visiting Santa today!”. The day you have a long journey planned, he brings them something to do in the car.

You get the picture.

Elf On The Shelf Ideas - elf brings Christmas gloves
Elf brings Christmas gloves

Step 3

Scroll through the elf ideas below and fill out the rest of your planner with the mischief that your elf will get up to each night.

Minion Bananas

Step 4

Collect all of the props that you need for your elf’s escapades and put them in one place.

Step 5

Set an alarm to go off on your phone (loud enough to alert you but quiet enough so that it doesn’t wake your sleeping babies) to remind you to move the elf each night.

Elf on the shelf idea - reading to toys
Elf On The Shelf reading a Christmas book to some toys

Step 6

Implement your Elf plan!

Step 7

Actually enjoy this experience because you finally have your December under control.

Some Elf Mischief Ideas

Keep scrolling for some fantastic ideas of how to delight your children with your elf’s antics. Don’t forget to grab your Elf planner below.

Photo Credit: Sarah Spencer
Photo credit: Abby Dean
Photo Credit: Sarah Spencer
Photo Credit: Sarah Spencer
Photo Credit: Sarah Spencer
Photo Credit: Sarah Spencer
Photo credit: Georgina Swain
Photo credit: The Mummy Monster
Photo credit: The Mummy Monster

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