Printable Behaviour Chart From Elf On The Shelf

A brilliant way to keep your children on track in December is with a behaviour reward chart from Elf On The Shelf. As well as arranging your elf to get up to all sorts of mischief (check out my Elf On The Shelf Made Easy guide for ideas), it’s a great idea to get the elf to award a score for your kid’s behaviour from the previous day. In this post, I have included a free download of my printable behaviour chart for your elf to bring.

There are no opt-ins, no charges, no catches – just click and print. I know how stressful this time of year can be and how short of time we all are, so speed is of the essence!

We use the chart from the 2nd of December, although your elf can bring the chart at any point before Christmas. On the 2nd December, the elf brings the charts, complete with a score for the previous day, ranging from “excellent” to “oh dear”. You can use a sticker to indicate the score for each day, or simply draw a star or even colour in the relevant square.

It’s all very well going on and on (as we all do in December) about “having to be good because Father Christmas knows and the elf is watching”, but in my experience, my children are far more likely to be motivated by a little reward of a star each day, than just focussing on the end of December which, to them, feels like a life time away.

Here it is!

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