Need Cheering Up? Check Out These Hysterically Funny & Super Cute YouTube Videos

My eldest daughter, Bella, age 2 going on 22, is quite a character. She never fails to make everyone that she meets, laugh. Here are some of the videos of her from our Mummy Of Four YouTube Channel that will guarantee to cheer you up, even on the dreariest of days.

Here is her review of her new bag, bought for when she starts school next term.

And her school uniform haul video.

She really cannot wait to start school and was most unimpressed when the boys went back to school without her at the beginning of term.

Buy nothing cheers her up like shopping, especially in her favourite shop “Cl-essories” (Claire’s Accessories).

This blog post was written as part of #BLOGTOBER17 . Each day there is a specific prompt laid out on the Hex Mum Blog and bloggers all over the world are writing their own particular take on the subject. Today is #DAY31 and the prompt is #YOUTUBE

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