Pinterest Fails That Are Just Too Funny

We’ve all seen these beautiful, artistic creations on Pinterest. There are ideas for baking, photographs, hairstyles, beauty trends and more. But will your efforts at recreating these Pinterest ideas be Instagram worthy? Or will they be like these?

Bella did not want to play ball in one of my epic pinterest fails.

Luckily I am not the only one to fall short in the Pinterest stakes. Other parents also attempted lovely photo ideas that did not quite go to plan.

Baking leave plenty of room for error. Rainbow cakes, for example, can be tricky to master. They  can be too thin…..

Or too thick…….

And character cakes can be even trickier.

And beauty trend ideas are not always as easy as they look……

How your Pinterest attempts go? Are you a “nailed it” or “failed it” kind of person?

This blog post was written as part of #BLOGTOBER17 . Each day there is a specific prompt laid out on the Hex Mum Blog and bloggers all over the world are writing their own particular take on the subject. Today is #DAY30 and the prompt is #PINTEREST

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