Mummy Of Four’s Kitchen Organisation Station + Printables

How to create a family command centre

Do you want to get your family more organised? Then an organisation station or family command centre for your home is the answer. Today I am sharing ideas for your family organisation station and everything you need to create it.

Where should you put your organisation station?

Think about creating your family’s organisation station in a central place in your home where everyone who lives in your home can easily see it. We have our organisation station on a wall in our kitchen, but your entrance hall would be another good location to consider.

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What do you need to create your organisation station?

I have listed all of the items that I have used in our family’s organisation station below, including the printables for free.


These are the frames I have used for the organisation station. The printables slip directly into them and I’m really pleased with the finish.

Hanging Strips

These command strips are easy to apply and there are no tools required. They even come off without any mess if necessary.

White Board Pens

Use whiteboard pens to draw directly onto the frames over the printables and it wipes easily off with a magic eraser (see below for details).

Magic Eraser

Magic erasers have so many uses for cleaning and stain removal around the home. While you can wipe the whiteboard pen off your frames in your organisation station with a standard household cleaner, the easiest way by far is to is a magic eraser. Cut off a small square, wet the eraser, squeeze off excess water and simply wipe away.


This is the letter board I have. It sits on the shelf and I use it to write nice messages.


These sticky hooks are easy to apply and can be used for hanging things like tea towels under the organisation station.


The shelf is this BEKVAM spice rack from IKEA painted in the same colour as our walls. This is the shelf that the letterboard and pen pot sits on.

IKEA SKURAR Candle holder

I adore these candle holders from IKEA to use as pen pots and makeup brush holders, I have them in so many rooms of the house. This pot fits perfectly on the shelf I have used and is ideal for holding the whiteboard pens.


The printables I have in my organisation station are;

  • This week – a brief overview of which clubs or activities are going on over the week
  • This month, next month – highlighting any key dates coming up
  • Meal plan – this is where I plan which evening meal I am making each day.
  • Shopping list – here is where any family member can add things that need to be purchased. Before shopping, I snap a photo of this on my phone so that I don’t forget anything. This is also where we can record any important information, phone numbers or reminders.

Click the buttons below to download the PDF printables for free

Where will you put your organisation station?

Let me know in the comments.

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