Our Family Christmas 2017

Christmas Day 2017 has been and gone and it has been a lovely day. With all of the crazy chaos that leave up to the big day, I am pleased to report that all in all, it went well. Here’s a brief run down of our Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, the children are allowed to open one present each from under the tree. I find that this spreads the fun a little and helps control the excitement from over flowing into crazy behaviour.

In the evening it was time for our annual “Sack Ritual”, where they lay out their sacks and snacks for Father Christmas. The children decided that he did not want mince pies this year, but Jaffa Cakes.

Me : “Do you think that Father Christmas might want a glass of wine to go with his Jaffa Cakes?”

Will : “Um, no, defiantly not. He can’t have wine! He needs to drive the sleigh.” Duh.

So Santa had squash. Apparently that is what he wanted.

Also, I am a terrible mother. All of our carrots were sliced for Christmas dinner, so we don’t have any sodding carrots left for the reindeer. Whoops. Luckily managed to convince the children that the reindeer are sick of carrots and are quite partial to Jaffa Cakes too. They seemed to buy it, (thank God), so Christmas was saved, hurrah!

Bella refused to sleep for hours and we got up to about the twenty billionth time I had to tell her that if she didn’t  go to sleep, the man in red wouldn’t come.

So I sat downstairs, with the glass of wine that Santa was not allowed, and waited for them to all be sound asleep before I could stuff the sacks. I find myself having to place cushions in the bottom of Dylan’s in order to make is smaller yet equally expensive presents look as impressive as the others when they walked into the room. I had explained to him that, due to his age, his presents would be costly yet small, but I still wanted the sacks to look as even as possible when they opened the door in the morning.

If I’m honest, I was probably as excited as they were about Zara’s first Christmas. I plus I truly love watching them burst with the excitement of the whole “has he been?!?” bit in the morning. That, and I can drink wine all day without judgement.

After a night of dealing with Will & Zara coughing, I did not manage much sleep, so was pleased that the little ones managed to sleep through their excitement until 6:30am.

So down we came, to see if “he had been” and seeing their little faces light up made the weeks of the stress of attempting to negotiate equal looking piles of presents for four children of different ages, was suddenly all worth it.

They all tore through their presents with gusto, but I was pleased to see that each of the older 3 took some time to help Zara open her presents too.

Honestly, Zara was as pleased with the wrapping paper as she was with the presents. It is hard to believe that this time last year, she was just a bump.

William, who is Star Wars mad, was rather delighted with his Darth Vader costume and his Star Wars figures.


Dylan is at the age where video games are high on his priority list. He was delighted to receive Forza Horizon 3. Personally, I know nothing about these games, but he has been playing it and says it’s awesome.

Will and Bella spent ages threading their Lacing Alphabet & Lacing Numbers, which I talked about in my Educational Toys post.

Zara seemed quite pleased with her Twirlywoo that runs and spent much of the day chasing it around on all fours.

Having spent all of December so far in Christmas outfits, today Bella was dressed as Elena of Avalor in her new dress and tiara. As much as she liked her costume, she absolutely loved her Sceptre Of Light, which lights up and sings. Zara was quite taken with this magical light up stick too, but Bella was not so keen to share.

Will wore his new Darth Vader costume. It was a bit on the big side, but he loved it none the less.

As I predicted, Bella enjoyed playing with Zara’s new toys almost as much as her own. Favourites of Zara’s toys, enjoyed by both Zara and Bella, included Brenda the Blender from Bing, the Number Lovin’ Oven, the Cookie Jar Shape Sorter and the Twirlywoo Big Red Boat.

So Zara’s first Christmas is officially over and the festivities will now wind down for another year. I hope that however you spent it, you had a lovely Christmas.

Now we have just a few days until our next big event, Bella’s 3rd birthday!


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  1. adorable! And your christmas sounds a lot like mine, minus wine all day because I’m still breastfeeding (wah), and minus two kids. Oh, and across a big giant ocean with a big giant carrot of our own as president. boo. Here’s to another year!

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