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5 Ways To Entertain Your Kids On A Journey

Ah, holidays, those blissful days that we look forward to for months in advance. We daydream about escaping from our mundane lives and enjoy blissful peace, relaxation and tranquility. But wait, you have young children? And an incredibly long journey standing between you and said amazing holiday? The realisation that you will be faced with hours of complaining and bickering hits and the dread creeps in.

Fear not! Your holiday need not begin with the travel version of nails on the blackboard. These top ideas for keeping your little darlings entertained on the road will make your trip more harmonious from the outset.

Aquadraw Travel Drawing Bag

This mighty little bag lets your little one express their creative side armed with only the few drops of water inside the “magic” drawing pen. Once their artwork has dried, it disappears, allowing them to stat all over again. We keep these in the car at all times, they are perfect mess free entertainment for trips as well as when we’re in restaurants or visiting anyone without children. I am always a huge fan of maximum fun with minimal mess while travelling, so these are ideal. Get yours here.

Now That’s What I Call Disney

A good old sing along is always a good way to keep the little ones happy. If you fancy stretching your own vocal chords, but the thought of another rendition of “The Wheels On The Bus” makes you want to hug your knees and rock in the corner of a dark room, try belting out a few Disney favourites. You can buy Now That’s What I Call Disney on iTunes here or on CD here.

Sticker Books

Sticker books are always a winner with my children. I always keep a few new “emergency” sticker books in the house for when something unexpected where they need to be entertained comes up. They have been an absolute life saver for me, especially when I was in and out of hospital a lot with baby #4. Keep your little piggies glued to these PeppaPigstickerbooks. Not a Peppa fan? We’ve also enjoyed these Paw Patrol, Gruffalo, Hey Duggee, Star Wars & Dinosaur sticker books.

Flash Cards

A fun, portable yet educational activity that me children have always enjoyed is flash card games. Choose a pack appropriate to their level, from basic Phonics like these, to first blending words, or tricky sight words like these. Quite simply play games where if they can read the word, they “win” it and if they can’t, you “win” it. This is a great way to motivate your child to read, plus working in these short burst sessions on the go is a great way to boost their literacy. Older children who can read fluently could maybe try the same games with these French Flash Cards which double up as a game of Snap.


The traditional “i spy” is always a favourite on journeys, but you can take your i spy game to a new level with these “i-spy, what can you spot?” books. Try these that give lists of vehicles, cars and general things to spot on a journey.

Bag of Toys

Our children have a small bag of “travel toys” each. They can pack whatever they like in their own bags to play with in the car or take into restaurants to play with while we are waiting for our food. We have the Little Life bags, which also have a parent safety rein, making it easier to keep them safe in public places.

We have the Gruffalo and the butterfly bags, but they also come in a dinosaurladybirdshark and turtle designs.

So rather than leave unprepared and end up wondering if would have been less stressful to stay in work, try some of these ideas to keep your little cherubs sweet while travelling.

What are your best tips for keeping your little ones happy on a trip?

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