Mermaid Lagoon Toy Review

Mermaid Lagoon Seashell Toy Review

Bella, my eldest daughter, is something in the magpie. If anything is pretty, shiny and has the ability to be stuffed into one of her very many “handbags” she is absolutely obsessed.

So, as you can imagine, when I was sent a My Mermaid Lagoon seashell toy to review, Bella was delighted.

The toy is an opening seashell with little mermaid figure inside. The seashell is a similar size to the Polly Pockets that I used to play with when I was little. It also comes with a kit to make a bracelet, complete with all of the beads, the thread, a charm in the shape of the dolphin, and another in the shape the key. The key charm is able to lock the seashell in order for precious treasures to be hidden securely from nosy siblings.

Bella was keen to get started on making a bracelet, and I was a little surprised at how keen William was to help. They actually managed to play quite nicely together and cooperate and stringing the beads onto the thread. Not only with a practising hand eye coordination, but they actually managed to share nicely and worked together far better than they normally would have.

Once they had threaded all of the beads onto thread, I noticed that there was  more than double the amount thread necessary to finish the bracelet. I used the remaining thread to weave back through the beads before knotting it, making the bracelet doubly strong.

Bella was absolutely delighted and finished product, has worn the bracelet loads (I have had to prise it off her on a number of occasions) and the seashell has proven popular too. Bella has packed it in her little toy bag for trips out and played with it constantly.

It is nice compact sized toy. Not only does this provide your little one with something to make, but the shell is special secret mini treasure box to keep and play with afterwards.

We were sent the Serena Version of the toy, there are a number different mermaids to collect. They can be purchased from a number of different websites including Amazon.

Disclosure – I was sent this item in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Post contains affiliate links.

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