Why You Need A Kid’s Treasure Box In Your Parenting Arsenal

As a Mum, there will be times where you need to keep your kids entertained. Maybe you’re pregnant with a busy toddler and need a rest? Or need to entertain your little one while you breastfeed your newborn? Or maybe you are ill and need some rest time or just exhausted? Well, a treasure box might just be the answer to keeping your little one happy during these times. Keep reading or watch the video below to learn all about this magial box.

What is a treasure box?

Quite simply, the treasure box is a box of special items that your children get to play with at “special” times. It is not a box that they have access to whenever they want. No, this box is kept out of the way and brought out only when you really need them to be engaged and entertained. By keeping this treasure box on restricted access, your children will be far more excited to play with its contents when they are allowed to. 

What Sort Of Box Should You Use?

The type of box that you use does not really matter. You could repurpose a box that you already have. Gift boxes that perfumes come in work well as treasure boxes. You could decorate the box with your child to make it special, but if you don’t have the time or energy to decorate the box, fear not. It doesn’t really matter how the box looks, it’s more about how you sell the magic of the box to your little one and how captivated they are with its contents. 

If you don’t have a suitable box around the house, there are a few options below. 

What should go into the treasure box?

The treasure box could be filled with anything that your child likes. I would suggest choosing things that they do not usually play with.  It could be things that you already have or things that you buy specifically for the box. The items should be suited to the age, interests and developmental stage of your child. Most importantly they need to be things that keep their interest. Don’t be afraid to rotate the contents of the box from time to time too. 

Here are some ideas for things to include your treasure box.


Duplo Blocks are a great Treasure Box item. Chances are your little one will have a box of blocks anyway, but keeping a special set separate in their treasure box is likely to keep them quite busy when needed. You can always rotate the sets of blocks to keep them hooked. 

Sticker Books

Sticker books are an absolute winner with most children, mine included. I cannot tell you how many times sticker books have saved my sanity, which is why they are a great choice for including in a treasure box. 


Puzzles can be great for kids of all ages. From basic peg board puzzles to complex jigsaws, they are a great quiet time activity. 

Counting Bears

Counting bears are a fantastic toy that my children really love. They can be used in not only imaginative play but in so many games to help develop essential maths skills. 

Pretty much anything can be included in the treasure box. I would probably suggest that you keep to quiet toys (avoid the musical instruments, they are not helpful when you are trying to relax). 

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