Surviving Pregnancy With Toddlers Or Older Kids To Look After

So you’re pregnant with your second (or third or forth) baby, congratulations!

I hate to break it to you, but this pregnancy is not going to be as easy as your first. Why not? Because it’s not just you now, you have one (or maybe more) tiny human(s) that depend on you, as well as the one you are growing inside you. Read on or watch the video below for my top tips for surviving pregnancy when you have little ones as well as yourself to take care of.

Manage Your Expectations

The fact is, this will be different from your first pregnancy. You might sail through it without a single health concern, but the fact of the matter is, pregnancy is tiring. So is being a Mum. Combine the 2 and it’s inevitably going to be tougher. Just give yourself a break and don’t try to be wonder woman. Focus on the basics and don’t beat yourself up about the rest. 

Make Changes Where You Can

Where you can make changes and get extra help, do it! Order your groceries online shopping, get a cleaner, accept help from friends and family. Don’t feel guilty about taking this help, you need and deserve it. 

Create A Quiet Time Treasure Box

For those times when you are on your knees with pregnancy exhaustion but your little one is still full of beans, organise a “Quiet Time Treasure Box“. Fill this box with special things that they are only allowed during this special “quiet time” where they can sit near you while you rest. Fill the box with anything that will take tier fancy, maybe crayons, small toy cars or animals or jigsaws.

Be sure to keep the box out of reach and just bring it out at this “special time” as it will make your child more likely to remain entertained by it when it feels like a treat. When they lose interest in the contents, rotate it for toys they have not played with in a while.

This Treasure Box will also double up as an activity for them while you breastfeed your newborn. 

Sleep When You Can

Seriously. I know people always say this, but it is SO important. If someone offers to mind your child so that you can nap, for goodness sakes take them up on it. You will be a better Mummy when you wake up refreshed anyway. 

Accept Help

Wherever the help comes from, just say yes. If your Mum wants to clean your house or your Dad wants to cook you a meal or your sister wants to do a school run for you, just say yes. 

Try To Enjoy It

Make the most of it being just you and your older child(ren) while you can. I know pregnancy can be a drag (trust me, I had 4 hell-ish pregnancies), but when you can, try and take the opportunity to slow down and enjoy this phase of your life before your newborn arrives. 

What are your top tips for surviving pregnancy when you have other children to take care of?

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