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Hi, I’m Rhi, Mummy Of Four and I am the Mum behind the blog. I help busy parents get organised and make their lives easier, with all of the parenting hacks, shortcuts and recommendations that I wish I had been given when I became a mother.

My 4 children are Dylan (13), William (6), Bella (3) & Zara (1). You can read more about me and more all about the children in my About page.


Having 4 children has given me the opportunity to gain a wealth of knowledge & experience about common parenting issues such as breastfeeding, sleep problems, weaning and many more. I also have experience with helping children through their additional needs, such as speech and language difficulties and ASD.



As a Mum of many, I have a keen interest in making parent’s lives run as smoothly as possible. This means that my audience look to me to recommend the right product or service for a specific need, as well as advice, tips and information that will help in their day to day lives.


I am obsessed with children’s fashion, as well as finding the best and most innovative products for my family.


My degree in business studies and background in marketing means that I understand how best to convey messages from brands to my readers.


I am confident in front of the camera and viewers respond well to my informative yet “real” parenting videos.


Do you represent a brand looking to gain exposure to an engaged audience of Mums?



From Mums experiencing pregnancy, Mums with babies & young children or teenagers, I have a rapidly increasing and engaged audience across my social media platforms.


I get feedback from my audience that they like my very “real” style, as I speak to my audience they way in which I would speak to my friends. I only work with brands and companies that I feel would benefit my family and families like mine and that I would personally recommend to my own friends.

I am able to offer;

• Sponsored blog posts

• Display adverts (banner, sidebar, footer)

• Sponsored video content

• Facebook Lives

• Social media sponsored posts on any combination of my channels – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest

• Sponsored Stories on Instagram or Facebook

• Sponsored guest posts

• Brand ambassadorships

• Reviews

• Giveaways

• Event attendance

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Do you have a business and know that you need to be doing more with social media marketing, but don’t know where to start, or maybe just don’t have the time?


Get in touch for a free, no obligation chat. I am able to help out with;

• Social media set up and training

• Social media management

• Freelance writing for your blog, website or marketing materials

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I answer all of my messages personally, so please drop me a line with any questions that you have about how I can help you and your business.