Are you wondering how to make your house look clean and tidy fast? Maybe you have people coming over and need your home to look clean and tidy quickly even when you don’t have time to clean properly? In this video,​ I share my top tips and hacks for getting your house to look clean and tidy super quickly.

Prioritise Main Areas

If you need your house to look clean and tidy fast, it’s possibly because you have guests coming. Does this mean you have to clean every single room? No, of course not. Prioritise the main rooms that your guests will actually see. organising the backs of the cupboards can wait for another day.

Make An Entrance

If you make one room look clean and tidy, make it your entrance hall. This is the first impression when people visit your home, even people who just come to the door and never cross the threshold will see it. Make the right first impression by focussing on making this room look great and it will give the impression you’re whole home is clean.

Clear All Surfaces

Clutter makes your home look dirty, even if it isn’t. If you need to give the impression that your home is clean and tidy, clean every surface. Every. Single. One. This can be as simple as piling clutter into a laundry basket to get it out of the way, the hide the basket in another room to sort later.

Gather Mail & Paperwork

Mail and paperwork left lying around looks super untidy. Grab some popper folders and hide it away to deal with again.

Arrange Cushions

The simple act of arranging your cushions nicely, rather than leaving them squashed and misshapen in random configurations, will give the illusion of a tidy home.

Make The Beds

This doesn’t have to mean changing the sheets, just smooth over covers and arrange pillows nicely. A made bed makes for a clean and tidy looking room.

Fresh Folded Towels

Simply throwing towels in the wash and replacing them with fluffy folded ones gives the impression your bathroom is clean and tidy.

Toilet Cleaner Down Loo

Short of time to really clean the loo? Throw some toilet cleaner inside the loo and leave for an hour or so it to melt away any grime. Your loo will look like you’ve scrubbed it all day.


A nice smelling home smells like a clean home. Use scented candles to freshen a room, or spray some diluted Zoflora for an instant scent boost.

Baskets for Emergency Tidy Ups

Keep a stack of baskets for sitting and organising and throw anything that is found out of place into them to transport to their proper place.

Get Everyone Involved

Remember that keeping your home clean and tidy is not just on you. Especially if you need to make your house look clean and tidy fast, get all hands on deck and do a team effort power hour.

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