Things To Organise Before Travelling To Florida From UK

What do you need to organise before travelling to Walt Disney World in Florida? If you have a Disney trip coming up, there are lots of things that you will need to do before you fly. Today I am sharing everything that you need to do to get ready for your Disney holiday.

Please remember to check with your travel provider for the latest travel restrictions.

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Book The Main Trip


If you would like to fly directly into Orlando, British Airways & Virgin Atlantic fly directly from Heathrow. Other airlines fly to Florida if you are planning to do a fly drive holiday.


When booking accommodation, you need to decide whether you would like to stay on or off site.

We have chosen to stay on site at Disney’s Art Of Animation Resort, which is considered a budget resort.

Park Tickets

At the point of booking your holiday, you will probably want to also book your park tickets. We booked direct with Disney and received 14 days of park tickets for the price of 7.


Ensure that your passports are in date for the duration of your holiday and beyond. The button below will take you to the UK passport site.


Ensure that you have purchased holiday insurance and that it covers your needs.

Pre Flight Compliance

There are a number of compliance matters that you have to complete before flying. We are travelling with British Airways and were asked for the following;

Additional Passenger Information

  • Passport number
  • Nationality
  • Government that issued passport
  • Confirm full names
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Address while in the US
  • Green card or US visa details (if you have them)
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Secondary contact details
  • Declaration


You will need to apply of an ESTA visa in order to enter the USA. This needs to be in place at least 72 hours before departure and costs $14.

Covid Compliance

With the world in it’s current state, there are several covid matters to deal with.

Vaccination Proof

At the time of writing, the USA requires everyone over 18 who enters the country to be fully vaccinated. Fully vaccinated is defined as at least 14 days after the second dose of the vaccine. Children under 18 travelling with vaccinated adults are not required to be vaccinated.

PCR and / or Lateral Flow Tests

At the time of writing, the following tests are required. I purchased out tests from Prenetics and these are the prices I paid.

  • Lateral flow tests witnessed by video call for all passengers over the age of 2. These are to be taken 1 day of boarding the flight – £32 each
  • Lateral flow tests to be taken 2 days before returning to the UK by passengers over age 12 – £19 each
  • PCR tests to be taken within 2 days of arriving in the UK by all passengers. Self isolation at home is necessary until a negative test result is received – £64 each

Park Reservations

100 days before your trip, you can book your park reservations. This can be done via the Disney website.

I have booked the following parks;

  • Magic Kingdom – 4 days
  • Epcot – 4 days
  • Hollywood Studios – 4 days
  • Animal Kingdom – 2 days

Dining Reservations

60 before your trip you can make your dining reservations. I have made reservations for a good number of days. The only one that I was asked to not only pre book, but also pre-pay for was Cinderella’s Royal Table.

UK Airport Transfers

How will you get to the airport in the UK? Will you travel the day of your flights or the day before? Your options are;

  • Drive & book parking
  • Public transport
  • Private airport transfer

Florida Airport Transfers

From 2022, there will be no cmplimentary Magic Express bus taking guests from the airport to the Disney Resorts, so you will need to sort out your own transportation.

Your options for airport transfers in Florida are;

  • Mears Connect – the paid for replacement for the Magic Express
  • Book a private taxi
  • Hire a car

Proof Of Disability Forms

Apparently it’s not necessary, but I will be printing off my children’s proof of disability forms, just in case. I print off hard copies of all of our reservation details, so I will ass them to that packet.

Dollars & Credit Cards

It’s worth mentioning to your bank that you will be travelling to avoid them stopping your card under suspicion of fraud when you use it abroad. We will be taking some dollars too, although mainly plan to use cards.

Mobile Phones

Check with your mobile phone provider that you have international roaming attached to your package.

Outfit Planning

One of the joys if planning a Disney trip is planning what to wear!

What Is Disneybounding

When adults dress up at Disney, not in costumes, but in the style of their favourite Disney characters, Disney rides or even Disney snacks, it’s referred to as Disneybounding. Check out my top tips for putting together Disney Bound outfits below.

What We Are Wearing To Walt Disney World

What We Wore On The Disney Cruise


Check with your airline about the baggage allowance for both check in and hand luggage for your specific flight. We are flying with British Airways and these are the luggage alliances for our trip to Florida in January 2022.

British Airways Heathrow to Orlando luggage allowance.

Carry On Luggage

As you can see from the table above, we are permitted to take one cabin case and one hand bag per passenger.

Cabin Cases

We are taking the following 4 cabin cases on board between the 6 of us.

Snow White American Tourister Wavebreaker Disney Deluxe Small Spinner Hand Luggage
Cinderella American Tourister Wavebreaker Disney Deluxe Small Spinner Hand Luggage
Jasmine American Tourister Wavebreaker Disney Deluxe Small Spinner Hand Luggage
R2D2 American Tourister Wavebreaker Disney Deluxe Small Spinner Hand Luggage


As our long haul flight will be taking us to Walt Disney World, I have chosen small bags for the flight for us to take that will double up as excellent bags for the parks.

Loungefly Disney Princess Printed Aop Mini Backpack
Loungefly Disney Cinderella 70th Anniversary Peek A Boo Mini Backpack
Loungefly Star Wars Darth Vader Light Up Cosplay Mini Backpack
Loungefly Disney Mickey And Minnie Sweets Ice Cream Mini Backpack

Check In Luggage 

These are the 6 medium sized suitcases that we will be taking on our flight to Florida.

Minnie Case
Mickey Case
Donald Case
Daisy Case


Check out my full “Pack With Me For Disney” video and blog post.

You can also take a look at my “Pack With My For A Disney Cruise” for more packing inspiration.

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