How To Have A Cinema Night At Home

If you’re stuck indoors with bored kids and want to create some family magic, creating a “real” cinema at home is a fun way to do just that. Today I am sharing my top tips and fun printables for creating a cinema night at home for your family.

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Announce Your Movie Screening With A Poster

Use these fun printables to tell your family which film will be showing and what time it is on. My children love getting their tickets to “get into” the cinema too. Grab your printable posters and tickets below.

Home Cinema Printables

If you want to grab the printable cinema sign & cinema tickets, it’s included in my Ultimate Mum Bundle which you get when you join my email club. Pop your details in the box below to get yours.

You Will Also Need…

I use the same method for my home cinema signs that I use for my Organisation Station in my kitchen. I place the printables in A4 frames (listed below) and write the movie name and screening time directly onto the frames in whiteboard pen. The pen comes off easily with a little bit of magic eraser. I’ve listed out all of these items below.

A4 Frames

White Board Pens

Magic Eraser

Setup A Kiosk For Tickets & Snacks

Set up a kiosk where your kids can “buy” snacks before the film. Ether allow them to choose a snack and drink from the display that goes with their ticket, or use this as a learning opportunity. You can give them some coins and price up each item, asking them to calculate how much their purchase comes to and how much change they need.

These small whiteboard signs are perfect for setting up your cinema kiosk. They have so many other uses too! My kids love using their to make menus for they pretend cafes, signs of their pretend shops and for leaving lovely messages.

Play Previews Before The Main Feature

Make the cinema more realistic by playing some trailers for upcoming films before the film that you have scheduled to show. You can find these in the “preview” section of an Apple TV or on YouTube.

Get Comfy

Before the film starts, make sure that everyone is super comfortable, as this is the main perk of a home cinema! Get cosy with blankets and bean bags then snuggle in for the movie.

Schedule Intermission

If you have young kids it’s probably worth scheduling an intermission where you pause the film for toilet breaks and to refresh snacks.

Make Home Cinema A Regular Family Date

Making your movie nights more of an “event” with signs and tickets is a great way to add some extra magic to your days, especially when you are stuck in the house.

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