21 Things That Every Mum Should Keep In Her Car

As a Mum, being organised and prepared will make your life so much easier. One thing that I have found super helpful is making my car a sort of portable hub to carry all of the essentials that we may need, while out and about. Read on for my ultimate guide to the things to keep in your car to have you prepared for every eventuality.


By far the most sensible place to keep your pram is in the boot of your car, that way you will be prepared for a trip out at a moment’s notice. As I mentioned in my 9 Things To Consider When Buying A Pram post, many pram retailers will allow you to try a demo model in your boot before you buy to check that you can get it in and out easily. 

Baby Carrier

Even if you use a pram for your baby most of the time, it is so handy to keep a baby carrier in the car too. You never know when a carrier might come in handy, especially if you are popping into just one shop or are heading somewhere unsuitable for prams. 

I keep my baby carrier in a drawstring bag in the boot of the car to keep it clean and tidy between uses.

Change Of Clothing For Your Little Ones

I cannot tell you how many times my babies have ended up covered in wee / poop / food / sick and have needed to be changed from head to toe. I keep a change of clothes for each of my little ones in the car in a zip up wet bag. Just remember to check from time to time that your emergency clothing is the right size and season for your little one – a winter outfit that is too small will be no good in the height of summer. 

Spare Nappies

Although I am a fan of keeping a well-stocked nappy bag, there is no harm in keeping a few spare nappies in the car for those days when you haven’t had time to re-pack your bag or are out longer than anticipated.


I am a huge fan of muslin cloths, they are just so versatile! In the car they are handy to use as a portable changing mat among other things. Check out my 15 Uses For Muslin Cloths post for more ideas. 


Baby Wipes

Baby wipes : a Mum essential. Whether you go for the standard packs of disposable wipes, or my favourite cloth wipes, make sure you have a stash in your car. 

Check out my Why You Need Cloth Wipes In Your Life post for more information about why cloth wipes are not just cheaper, but I actually find them better at cleanups too.


Whether it’s for the winter of runny noses or summer colds, make sure you have a box of tissues in your car for you and your little ones. 


If you live in the UK, sadly, you will need umbrellas. Let’s face it, you will need them most of the year around. Sorry about that. 

Pack Away Rain Coats

I always keep parkway raincoats for each of us in the boot of the car. They pack up really small, so don’t take up much room. I cannot tell you how many times they have saved the day, either on days where it was nice leaving the house and then the weather turned, or days where it has rained so much that our coats have been soaked through. I love the ones from Joules or JoJo Maman Bebe


During the winter months, I always keep a can of De-Icer in the door or the car, it saves so much time on frosty mornings. 

Sun Cream

In those few short months of summer that we get in the UK, I always keep suncream in the car. On so many mornings it has seemed like the sun would never come out, only to be extremely hot by midday. 

It’s a good idea to keep your suncream in a little bag in case of spillage, it can be a nightmare to clean up if it leaks. 

Kid’s Activities

I’d recommend keeping some activities of some descriptions in the car for the little ones for either long journies or to keep them occupied when you go to less than child-friendly places. You can check out my post about keeping kids entertained on a journey for some ideas.

Hair Brush

Tangle Teezer 

You never know when you or your children might need a little tidy up in the hair department while out and about. I love the Tangle Teezer hairbrushes, especially the compact styler brushes that have a cover to protect the brush on the go.

Hair Bobbles

Pop a few hair ties in your car, you’ll never know when you will need them for emergency hair fixes on the go. It can also be handy for doing your daughter’s hair when you have parked at school for the drop off on days when you are running late. 


Keep a small purse of change for car parking and emergency purchases, but make sure you keep it out of sight to prevent people breaking in for it. 

Eating Out Kit

Your eating out kit can contain some of the things to entertain your little ones like I mentioned above, but should also contain things such as bibs, baby cutlery and an EasyMat for younger children.


Reins can be handy not only for when your toddler wants to walk but for securing them safely into highchairs while out and about too. Check out the video below for a full how to.

This parenting hack will stop your busy toddler escaping from their IKEA highchair. It also works for those wooden high chairs that you get when eating out.

Posted by Mummy of Four – Helping Busy Mums Make Their Lives Easier on Monday, 25 June 2018

A Book

Keep a book or magazine in the car for you for those times when your kids have fallen asleep in the car and you want to let them sleep just a little longer before waking them. This could be a physical book, or an iBook on your phone. 

A Phone Charger

Every car needs a phone charger!! Is there anything worse than running out of battery half way through the day?

A Notebook & Pen

For all of those times that something comes to you that and you need to remember it and for those times where you have to write a note to explain that the parking ticket machine is broken and you need to beg not to be booked. 


I keep a small blanket for each of my little ones in the car. As children are not supposed to wear outdoor coats in their car seats, blankets are a nice way to keep warm on winter mornings until the car heats up. 

A Medical Kit

My Mummy medical kit contains;

  • Painkillers for Mummy
  • “Magic” plasters with Frozen and Star Wars characters on them for cut knees
  • Teething powder
  • Sachets of Calpol & Nurofen for Children
  • Bubbles (because bubbles always cheer them up when they’re upset). 

Those are the 21 things that I would recommend stashing in your car to ensure you are prepared when out with kids. I have a compartment in my boot where most of it lives, but a bag would work just as well to keep it all neat.

Have I missed anything? What do you keep in your car?

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