So you think it might be time to potty train your toddler? Here are all of the things that you will need for the first week (or so). Watch the video below then keep reading to make sure that you have everything you need for potty training success.

Potty tarining – week 1

If you’ve read my potty training tips post, you’ll know that I recommend blocking off up to a week where you don’t have to leave the house when you begin potty training. Although, if they’re ready, your child may grasp potty training in less than a week, having this opportunity to stay in and really focus on it for 7 days if necessary without badly timed outings can be the difference between success or stress.

This post focusses on all of the things that you need for that first week. Check back next week for my post about everything you need for your first trip out of the house (and beyond).

The Ultimate Potty Training Printable Bundle

I have created a bundle of printable reward charts, parent records, certificates and colouring sheets that you can grab using the form below. These are the same printables that I used with Zara and feature in my “Potty Training In 3 Days” vlog (which you can see above).

Once you have downloaded the pack, let your child choose which colour they would like their reward chart to be. Remember, the more ownership you give them over these decisions, the more likely you are to get anywhere.

Colouring sheets from the Ultimate Potty Training Pack


You’ll need stickers to reward your child with when they go on the potty or toilet. We went for multicoulired stars and she got to choose the colour each time – one for a wee and two for a poo.

A Reawrd To Work Towards Chosen By Your Toddler

By allowing your toddler to select the reward that they want when they have completed their chart, they are far more likely to be motivated to stay on track. Zara chose a Sofia the First doll, Bella wanted a Moana. Whatever they pick, buy it and stash it away for when they earn it.

Knickers Or Pants

While you are potty training, I’d highly recommend skipping pull-ups and going straight to pants or knickers. Going straight to “big boy/girl” pants means that they will know when they are wet and will be more likely to “get it”. Using pull-ups that feel like nappies will make them more likely to do what they do in nappies – wee or poo.

For nap times or if you have to go out in an emergency, put a pull up (or nappy for bed) over their pants so that they can still feel if they are wet.

A Potty

Well, at least 2. I’d get at least one for upstairs and one for downstairs.

Toilet Seats

Treat Jars

Although I don’t normally bribe my children with sweets and never usually let them eat sweets other than directly after a meal (as dentists recommend), I make potty training the exception to this rule.

Whether you reward your child with a sweet as well as a sticker is entirely your call, but if you do, a clear sweet jar in their line of sight may help to keep them motivated.

I’d also recommend choosing very small sweets, we went will Dolly Mixtures, as they may end up eating quite a few over the course of the week.

Microfibre Cloths

Microfibre cloths are ideas for mopping up little accidents. Make sure that you avoid washing them with fabric softener to keep them absorbent.


Zoflora is a fantastic multipurpose disinfectant that is ideal for potty training. You can use a capful diluted with water in a spray bottle to disinfect surfaces, use it to clean and disinfect floors after accidents and even add a capful to your washing machine to disinfect wee stained fabrics.

Spray Bottle

Add your capful of Zoflora, top up with weather and you have a fantastic smelling disinfectant spray ready to go.

Vileda 1-2 Spray

I love this easy mop for cleaning up after accidents on hard floors. I use a microfibre cloth to get up the worst of the puddle, then use the Vileda to clean the rest.


If there’s ever a time to allow your child to have screen time, it’s to get them to sit still on the potty while waiting to do their business.

Cartons Of Apple Juice

Did you know that apple juice is something often suggested by medical professionals for children who are constipated? Prune juice works even better but is not as easy to persuade kids to drink. Well, in order to get your child to wee and poo where you want them to, we need to make it as easy as possible for them to go. Keep them hydrated and offer apple juice to ensure that they are not bunged up. The fact that it’s in cartons just makes it easier to give them to drink on the potty.

Bonus tip

Teach your child to hold the “handles” on a juice carton to avoid the squeezing it and shooting juice everywhere.

Soo those are the things that you’re going to need to get started with potty training. Make sure you check out my other potty training posts below.

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